Proposal: Erasmus + Small Scale Program

Project: TRIC – TRansferring social Innovation into Competencies

Implementation period: 01/02/2023– 31/01/2024.

In the TRIC project, we looked for social innovation competencies by analyzing already proven and successful social initiatives.

Our goals:

  • Strengthening social innovation competencies among adults with non-formal education methods.
  • Supporting the transferability of effective social innovation methods by transforming projects into training materials.
  • Identifying the competences inherent in social innovations that can be adapted for the labor market and teaching them to adults.


  • 20 adult students develop their social innovation competencies

  • 2 training packages pilot tested by 10-10 adult learners.

  • Research and methodology on how to transfer social innovation into educational materials, and on transforming case study methodologies into key competences of the labour market. 

  • 5 training packages to specific social innovation methods and to labour market competencies are finalised and accessible online in 3 languages (EN&AT&HU). 

The training packages:

  • Sharing community
  • Community service
  • Community media
  • Community learning
  • Community gardening

Partner: Unruhe Privatsstiftung 

More information: Tornóczi Zsófia,  

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