Project name: DCYDE! - Digital Global Citizenship for Youngsters & Educators in Partnership

What is the project about?

DCYDE! aims to make global citizenship tangible. By using online-based communication and hybrid learning environments, DCYDE! enables cross-border and transcultural dialogue, change of perspectives and shared experiences.

In the hybrid learning environments created by DCYDE!, digital media are considered as a key to making different perspectives heard and visible and to make topics of global sustainable development perceptible. In this way, the internet becomes a communication and design space for global sustainable development, a space for thinking and discussion, in which solidarity-based action can be learned. In short: a space in which youth-driven living labs can be created to shape global sustainable development.

What is the aim of the project?

DCYDE! is supposed to promote best practice how hybrid global citizenship education (GCE) learning environments can be created by education stakeholders using digital tools and online-based communication to create a laboratory of globally sustainable development for young people and peers abroad in non-EU-countries, especially in the global south. The activities also have a positive impact on language skills and media literacy of all target groups.