Downloadables from our projects

Crisis management for communities from COVID experiences

The aim of this manual is to help local communities prepare for potential crises, building on the experience of COVID 19 pandemics. It contains theoretical and practical knowledge on active citizenship and community participation, and presents lessons learned from the pandemic. The handbook provides thorough knowledge on crisis, its effects and measures leaders can/should do to minimise the effects on their community. From this handbook you can also learn the methodology of public involvement and co-creation and share good practices.

Social Impact Management Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for organizations that aspire to grow, to play a meaningful role in their context, and to develop an organizational culture for learning and improvement. We reviewed and brought together in a structured way an array of tools that can help SMOs to prepare for, design, and implement social impact management.

It is also a statement we are making with regard to the situation of SMOs. Our message is two-fold: relating to the sustainability of the sector that enables or precludes SMOs to exist and persist and to the importance of donor understanding of local contexts, including donor practices that are tailored to the capacity of SMOs.

Storytelling Kit on Integration of Migrants

We encourage and support public communication campaigns which address the numerous and diverse aspects concerning migration, integration, rules and human rights means restoring reliability and dignity to these issues while at the same time safeguarding them from the political manipulation that generates social tensions and erects walls of hostility. Communicating well and launching public opinion messages based on true facts is the only way that will we be able to break down the barriers of distrust and build bridges of solidarity in their place.

This Kit navitages public authorities how to manage commnication campaigns on this sensitive issue via real stories from Europe.

Take Away Toolkit on creative methods

Informal groups and online communities have a great potential to efficiently represent needs, ideas, decisions of local people and become key potential players in the civil and public sector.

Our toolkit aims to help trainers, communities, NGOs to use methods they can be more effective, creative and collaborative.