What we do?

In a number of European countries as well as Eastern Partnership countries, civil society structures are struggling to engage enough participants, activists, members for their missions and actions.

Local grassroots NGOs and informal communities, often exist only till the initiator has enough energy, enthusiasm and motivation and not until their mission is completed.

Informal groups and online communities have a great potential to efficiently represent needs, ideas, decisions of local people and become key potential players in the civil and public sector.

Our project aims to map out, understand these phenomena and targets to initiate bridges between local NGOs, local informal groups and online communities in one particular selected city in each of the partner countries.

Project partners were involved from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary and Portugal.

Project is funded by MitOst and Robert Bosch Foundation.

The project website with downloadable methods - Take Away Toolkit -is available here: https://sites.google.com/view/takeawaytoolkit/home

If you are interested in this project, please, contact Ildiko Simon simon.ildiko@cromo.hu