Snapshots from the Borders

European challenges in migration

Project goals

This project deals with experiences and possibilities of the big challenge in refugees and asylum seekers issue.

We have been involved in this project since October 2017 in corporation with 36 NGOs and municipalities from 16 countries.

Hungarian municiplity partner is Siklósnagyfalu.

As part of our Snapshots from the Borders project, we hosted a festival in the capital of all partner countries on October 3, 2019.

At the same time as the Hungarian festival, the XVII. MitOst Festival was coming to Budapest, and we organized a film screening program in the frame of the Festival.

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Activities in 2020

Petition for making 3rd October as European Day of Memory and Welcome. Here you can join:

Border Town Network - bringing together all the border towns in Europe facing with migration.

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Advocacy training for organizations dealing with migration.

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