What is  #riszpekt?

Our foundation launched a social networking program as of 1 May 2018 which is the first in Hungary to show how - based on mobile apps used by young people - it is capable of organizing study programs, campaigns, sporting events or games for the age group of young people from 15 to 22, and make them interesting, to move a lot of people and involve adults.

If they use apps anyway, why not make one with sensible goals and contents!

Our aim is to involve those 15- to 22-year-olds, who spend a lot of their time browsing various mobile apps and internet platforms, into games, solving tasks, group working, online and in-person studying, where they can meet meaningful subjects, make short films and stories with the novel toolkit of community learning, together in a personal or online space.

We provide the platform for parents to understand the needs of the age group in a playful manner, with group working, and to help them create the balance in their families concerning the use of mobile phones, to have them find answers to their questions and give the possibility to discuss their concerns.


What we do?

Some of the events of #riszpekt program held so far:

Sport Events

We held the I. and II. #riszpekt.com Tournament on 30 June and 16 September 2018 in the Sports Arena of Törökbálint, where children of various age groups competed in indoor soccer, volleyball and 3x3 basketball games, while their parents took part in playful discussions about their concerns related to mobile phone usage.

On the 4th and 5th of August 2018 we were present in Zánka for the Futsal Tournament and from the 12th to the 18th of August we took part in the Cell Cup in Veszprém where international teams also played, and the game themes Fair play in sports and Fair play in life were the backdrop for the high school students.

Online Contest-Hobby to Profession

From the fall of 2020 we initiated our series of competitions! Young people can make 1- to 3-minute short films, they can participate in photo and drawing contests, they can test the skills they learned on the online and in-person trainings. They share and promote these on their social network platforms which will be the basis of the evaluation and the prizes.

Our first campaign was held from 15 October to 15 November 2020 and more than 120 entries have been submitted to us.

Our next one-month campaign started on 15 February 2021 in dance and music category, its theme: Flip the virus off: or life after 2020.

Friday Night Course

As of November 2020, we have been hosting a Zoom event every Friday night, called Friday At Eight. This is an online study group where we invite guests who are followed by high school students on Instagram, or who we find interesting or useful, to listen to them talk about their profession, occupation or business. We record these discussions and publish them in short, 3-5-minute videos. 

If you are interested in this project, please, contact Ildiko Simon simon.ildiko@cromo.hu


You can see the intro video of our project here!