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Areas of Interests

Innovation -#riszpekt

Innovative project in mobile phone usage has been started!

Game, Sport, Community with young people and parents to design new learning and community development actions with youngsters by using their mobile applications!

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Development Areas

Developing Organizations

Let's learn together!

Organizational Development

(OD) is a field of research, theory, and practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance.

Cromo Trainers provide full range of tools and methods to assist organizations in this journey,

Competency Development 

There is a growing demand for more qualified employees who are willing to move up with the company.

The purpose of competency development is usually two-fold:

To align employees with the strategic goals of the organization

To foster employee engagement and to increase employee retention

Cromo Trainers provide complex services and programs in the field of Leadership Management, Soft Skills Development.

Developing Society

Let' make bigger changes!

Sustainable Development Goals

Developing Communities

Let's make local changes!

Local Democracy/Active Citizenship

With every possible means we must help to open up opportunites for more and more people to become a conscious citizen responsible for his/her decisions, environment and community instead of remaining a consumer, selfishly looking at individual goals and interests only.

Our very important aim is not just use but spread and multiplicate our methods and experiences. Therefore we led several international training programs in Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Estonia, and Poland. We also regulary organise and lead training programs for the leaders and volunteers for hungarian non-governmental organisations.

Sustainable Community - Social Entrepreneurship

Community Initiatives are launched by committed, cooperative, enduring and ready to fight people and communities. Our program, Com'In!, aims to open the door to such initiatives.

Community initiatives mean grassroots ideas deriving from small, local communities. It is crucial to support these initiatives, since they often provide a cost of living, economic and social development, sustainability and the feeling of togetherness for members of the certain group. Launching and operating such pilots serve a lot more than just realizing a good idea.

At Cromo Foundation we put big emphasis on supporting such ideas by offering our professional expertise. As a member of the Hungarian NGO sector and by supporting other NGOs with organizational development services, we gained first-hand experience in obstacles and difficulties that newly initiated projects face. The organization developers and trainers of Cromo Foundation have years of experience both in the non-profit and the for profit sector, which assure that we offer professional client-shaped services.

Our aim is to build a network to help connect initiators sharing similar ideas and visions.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. They tackle the root causes of poverty and unite us together to make a positive change for both people and planet.

We initiate and join programs, projects which contribute to fulfill these goals.

Integration of Underprivileged Groups

Inclusive society means that all peoole  can become all that they can be; an inclusive society seeks to eliminate poverty; income inequality has the potential to erode inclusion; public policy must address many dimensions of inequalit.

We initiate and join programs, projects which contribute to fulfill these goals.

Snapshots from the Borders

This project deals with experiences and possibilities of the big challenge in refugees and asylum seekers issue.

We have been involved in this project since October 2017 in corporation with 36 NGOs and municipalities from 16 countries.

Hungarian municiplity partner is Siklósnagyfalu.

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Proactive Youth in Tapióság

This project involves several pupils, teachers and local inhabitants from different locations of Tápióság in Hungary to provide opportunity for the  to co-create and implement active citizenship actions in their villages.

Research and projects

Let's learn together!

Working as partners in projects as professional trainers, researchers, project partners and experts.

Cromo have been involved in several EU and other international projects as partners, professional trainers in different topics.

TIDE (Towards Inclusive Development Education)

Cromo Foundation bacame a partner in an international EU-funded (EuropeAid) development education project called TIDE. Project partners come from five European countries (Belgium, United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary and Italy). The purpose of TIDE is to raise awareness among young people with intellectual disabilities and multidisabilities about interdependent world and sustainable lifestyle. Young people will be encouraged to participate in debate concerning human rights and equal opportunities. Finally, the project strives to promote these issues also on European Union level. As a result of the project, it is expected that the consortium develops accessible methods, tools and materials. Furthermore, the project intends to raise awareness among professionals and educators by creating a large network of stakeholders.

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