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Why SmartTeens?

The current education system in Hungary and most countries is outdated and places more emphasis on encyclopedic knowledge instead of practical skills. There are attempts from some teachers to make the process of learning more modern and digitalized. But they are not completely familiar with children's or young people's worlds or needs.

What is SmartTeens?

That is where the inspiration came from, to have students pass on the knowledge to other students about subjects that are interesting to them. This way it is not only the knowledge that is passed on, it is building a new, self-active community of responsible thinkers. We also involve adults in this knowledge transfer, who are followed by students on Instagram, Youtube, or those who we also find valuable to help students make an occupation from their hobby, to learn a profession (e.g. photography, videography, music composition, dancing, poetry writing, story writing).

Today's children watch videos almost constantly on YouTube or Tiktok, or wherever they find any consumable visual content. This is the need we fulfill in a way that educates and conveys positive values at the same time.