Our Team
We are committed to make the world change in small steps!

Ms. Ildikó Simon, Head of Board

Ildiko has been working with Cromo since the beginning. She serves as legal representatives of the foundations as well as overall coordinator of the projects.

She is a handball coach and player with full of energy and lots of ideas.


Ms. Zsófia Tornóczi, Executive Director

Zsófi is extremely committed leader of our organization. she is responsible for resources, administration, legal justification of the organization.

She is an experienced yoga trainee having balance between energy and stability.


Ms Eugénia Szél, Program Manager

Eugénia (Egi) joined our organization many years ago and means to us fantastic source of ideas and energ from very different topics; agriculture, economy, development education.

She is great in both preciously coordinate project and bringing fresh air to our everyday work and team building.